About Ray Made Way

My name is Rayna, creator of Ray Made Way. This is a space for everyone who is ready to approach their skin concerns holistically. With a blend of intentional lifestyle choices, balanced nutrition and an effective skincare routine you will be able to get to the root of your concerns. Ray Made Way has a focus on:

  • Acne Acceptance & Mindset
  • Skin Barrier Balance
  • Inflammatory & Hormonal Acne
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Skin Health

My Story

Soon after turning 20 years old I began to experience painful hormonal acne, skin inflammation and itchy dry patches around my eyes. Eventually a dermatologist diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis and confirmed my adult hormonal acne was concerning enough to treat. For over a year I used topical prescriptions, such as steroids and antibiotics. Although current acne would clear up, I would still receive new breakouts every month around the time of my menstrual cycle. Not only that, but the steroid cream made my eyebrows noticeably shed and flare ups would reoccur if I stopped using it. Anxious and overwhelmed, I knew I had to do dive deeper into why this was happening. This is where the real story begins.

With time and effort I was finally able to make the connection between internal and external skin health. I implemented a new lifestyle that included clean eating, optimal skincare ingredients and holistic wellness. Although it took some time to adjust, after a few months my skin’s appearance had dramatically improved. Most importantly, I enhanced my entire quality of life.

Fast forward to today and I am an experienced Licensed Esthetician and Certified Health Coach. Accepting my skin and optimizing my health has inspired me to help others who are facing similar problems.

How Ray Made Can Show You The Way

Through my own personal experiences, credentials and continued education I am confident I can assist you to improve your skin health while also enhancing your well-being. Although working with me won’t cure your skin concerns, you will be able to accept and manage your acne. The real work will be done by you, with support and guidance from Ray Made Way. By working with me expect to:

  • Get to the root of your acne while soothing inflammation
  • Maintain your skin barrier
  • Learn how balanced nutrition and optimal health can restore your skin
  • Find the right routine and products that work for you
  • Create a conscious lifestyle that fits with your individuality
  • Focus on your mindset during the process


Licensed Esthetician in New York and California, San Francisco Institute for Esthetics & Cosmetology

Certified in Treatment of Acne, Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics

Certified in Treatment of Hyperpigmentation, Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics

Certified in Ingredient Knowledge, Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition