Skincare Audit: Personalized Digital Guide

Do you question if you have the right products and routine for your skin type and concerns?

Are you overwhelmed with all the skincare brands and products available?

Do you get confused with trying to figure out the best approach for your skin?

Would you like guidance from a Licensed Esthetician?

If you answered yes, Ray Made Way’s Skincare Audit is for you!

What’s Included:

  • An audit of your current products and routine
  • Custom recommendations based off your skin type and concerns
  • Individual tips on how to create the most effective routine
  • Information on your unique needs so you can have confidence in your routine

The Process:

  1. Fill out the form in as much detail as possible
  2. Once completed and purchased, the work for your guide will begin
  3. Within 5 days (excluding weekends) you will have your personalized digital guide in your email inbox, as a PDF file
  4. Reach out for any clarification or to ask follow up questions

Good to Know:

  • Audit of your current products doesn’t always mean an alternative is necessary right away, it may be just need to be used more efficiently in your routine
  • Along with product recommendations will be information on what to look for when choosing specific products, this way you have the knowledge to make the best choices for yourself
  • All budgets are taken into consideration to ensure any recommendations are practical for you
  • Form takes about 15 minutes of your time and requires you to provide photos of your skin
  • Payment is requested as the last step before you submit your information


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